#1 Pet Safe Ice Melt Manufacturer Is Introducing Surface Safe Winter Management System at The Big Game

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“We are excited to launch such a safe way to manage ice and snow. There is a critical level of chlorides in the environment that we have climbed to over the best few decades. The world is suffering. � Steven Vernik, VP

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. February 04, 2018

Gaia Enterprises Inc, the maker of #1 Selling Safe Paw ® Ice Melter and Traction Magic ® Anti-Skid Material, will be introducing their full lineup as Surface Safe Ice and Snow Management system to combat the increasingly dangerous situations of ice management for multiple surfaced entry areas and walkways. The excitement of this year’s Big Game is electric in the local area, so they chose to take a huge step in the biggest advertising event of the year to spread their anti-salt message!

What's The Difference In Ice Melters

Currently, the ice melt industry struggles in managing ice melt that is safe on all surfaces or for the environment. Here are the reasons why:

  • Magnesium chloride is less harmful in general, but it is highly chemically corrosive to concrete. It is not a powerful ice melt, so it is usually mixed with other more harmful chemicals. Breathing in too much dust can cause metal fume fever.
  • Calcium chloride is chemically corrosive, therefore damaging concrete, decking, metal, and many additional surfaces adds harmful chlorides and salts to the environment.
  • Sodium Chloride is otherwise known as rock salt. Rock salt is chemically corrosive to concrete, metal and many additional surfaces. Adds harmful chlorides and salts to the environment.

Gaia Enterprises Inc does not use any salts or chlorides in their products. Instead, they use a special proprietary high powered liquid based deicer infused into a granular modified carbonyl diamide. The Salt Free Gaia Difference is using molecular science to break the bonds that cause ice and don’t allow them to re-bond with out impacting the surroundings. With the slightest freeze thaw cycle impact, the formula has been proven to be SAFE for pets and children, even if ingested. This allows Gaia products to be used in critical hard manage places.

  • Toxicology Report    This report confirms Safe Paw® is non-toxic and met all claims on product labeling.

NY State Environmental Report This report emphasizes that Safe Paw® is not dangerous to waterways

https://gaiausa.com/Public%20Report%20of%20Results%20for%20Safe%20Paw%20&%20Traction%20Magic%20Testing%20(8-2-2016)%20(1).pdf [Concrete Testing __title__ ]This testing was performed on 3 day old properly produced concrete over many freeze thaw cycles. Results show Safe Paw ®and Traction Magic® are both safe on newly properly produced and installed concrete per the Portland Cement Associations guidelines.

Erwin Report This report shows zero corosivity on a multitude of surfaces.

Safe Paw® and Traction Magic® are SAFE for ALL Surfaces:

  • SAFE FOR SURFACES- Concrete, brick, asphalt, decking, paint, metal, wood, stone, roofs, and more.
  • SAFE FOR PETS AND CHILDREN – safe on skin, gentle on eyes, and safe even if ingested
  • SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT –has micronutrients and fertilizing qualities that are beneficial to the environment.

Discussing this new marketing campaign, Steven Vernik, VP of Gaia Enterprises, Inc, said:
“We are excited to launch such a Safe way to manage ice and snow. There is a critical level of chlorides in the environment that we have climbed to over the best few decades. The world is suffering. We are happy to help the world by taking a huge chunk of chlorides out of the environment.�

The company has focused on changing the landscape in the ice melt industry for over 23 years. Steven is happy discussing industries that utilize their products:
“Often people are surprised by our ice melt. Safe Paw was created for the Industrial and Nuclear Industries in the late 80s to early 90s. It was called Safe Thaw – Today Safe Paw is used at the most sensitive of areas including nuclear waste containment facilities as well as military, government, and many other industries. This is a product tested and trusted by the most critical of customers.�

Gaia Enterprises offers safe products for the 4 Ps – Planet, Property, People and Pets. #gaiasafe

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Gaia Enterprises Public Relations Team at 800-783-7841 or email at info(at)gaiausa(dot)com [info(at)gaiausa(dot)com __title__ ]. Visit http://www.GAIAUSA.com

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