$10 Million In 20 Seconds: Faceter Beats All Token Presale Records On Falling Market

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SAN FRANCISCO February 06, 2018

Faceter, a Blockchain startup, and the first vendor of computer-vision surveillance technology powered by a fog network of miners, has raised in excess of $10 million in their Token Presale, concluded in a matter of seconds on February 5th. This is a truly remarkable achievement in a market where many ICO startups do not succeed.

Faceter started its Whitelisting procedure on January 29th, 2018. Huge demand and contributor’s activity necessitated that the team deliver additional tranches of tokens that were originally reserved for the Token Sale.

Within 4 days Faceter recorded in excess of 8,000 Whitelist applications from 152 countries. As a result, Faceter has decided to run the Presale only on a Whitelist basis, with a queue and without free sale, in order to ensure fairness for the contributors.

In addition to the unexpected surge in demand for tokens, 83 corporate businesses from 52 countries have shown an interest in the product and have approached the company seeking partnership opportunities. All these figures prove that Faceter’s vision of the future is shared globally.

Faceter will deliver the remaining tokens to the Token Sale starting on February 15, 2018, by providing a Whitelist for those who want to reserve tokens on their website. This process has already commenced.

A new era of video surveillance is coming and Faceter aims to create a revolution, ensuring that for the very first time, a product of this type is available to the mass market.

“Such amazing support shows us how many people share our vision of the future, and we are humbled. We believe that advanced AI-based software should be available for everyone, especially in the realm of intelligent surveillance. We really want to make the world a safer and more pleasant place to live and we are glad that we have so many supporters who have come forward to play their part,� said Faceter CEO, Robert Pothier.

FACETER’s computer-vision surveillance technology is powered by a fog network of cryptocurrency miners. The International startup was founded by partners from different countries and began collaboration in 2014 with an R&D project in the field of image recognition, based on neural networks and machine learning (variations of AI technologies). Faceter has already released beta version of the product and launched several pilot projects with various companies in order to test the underlying technologies, including an industrial enterprise, a casino network, a network of pizzerias. In addition, Faceter has obtained Partner status with Axis Communications on a global basis.

The company’s first successful product was launched in 2015. The product was an open-source library for financial software and mobile application developers — http://pay.cards.

For more information on FACETER, please, visit: https://faceter.io OR join the conversation on our telegram chat: https://t.me/faceter.

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