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LOS ANGELES, CA – 8/7/2018 — Reviews of the popular press distribution service Business Wire presented a comprehensive analysis of price and service. The reviews can be found on the Press Release Jet website.

Impressive services available from Business Wire like substantial distribution list and 24/hr availability of a helpful editorial have been highlighted in this review. The inclusion of links, photos, and videos are also offered by them without any extra cost. When it comes to catching the attention of the media, these are valuable services.

The review also points out that Business Wire is not especially transparent in regard to pricing. Information about the price of Business Wire press releases on their website is not provided in a clear manner, which makes it challenging to budget Press Release distributions.

The Business Wire review references customer reports of spending $760 per press release. According to the Business Wire website, this price can vary according to regions. There is an additional cost of $195 per 100 words if a 400-word limit is exceeded.

According to the review, these prices do not compare very favorably with competitors.

Press Release Jet offers most of the same service as Business Wire. They distribute to most of the same channels. They also don’t charge extra for links or multimedia. With the help of the editorial staff, Press Release Jet provides a wealth of resources to guide customers in the effective crafting and formatting of their press releases. In addition, Press Release Jet allows an unlimited word count.

Press Release Jet charges just $129 per press release with their Premium Pro plan, a price which is clearly communicated on their pricing page and includes all the benefits listed above.

As stated in an article: “The most expensive is not always the best. Sometimes you can receive superior service while staying within your budget.”

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