4NEW “Electricity Token” KWATT Listing on Hotbit Exchange

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LONDON, UK – 06-27-2018 (Press Release Jet) — 4NEW, pioneering the tokenizing of electricity via the recycling of waste to power crypto-mining, announced this week that its KWATT coin will list on the Hotbit exchange from August 21. 4NEW’s vision is to revolutionize the three industries of waste, energy and crypto-mining by developing their synergies.

“We are pleased to announce that KWATT will join the major cryptocurrencies on Hotbit, alongside an extensive list of altcoins,” said 4NEW Founder and Chairman Varun Datta. “Hotbit is a secure, world class digital asset exchange platform, accessible from any device, with a high-speed trading engine.”

“We expect to soon announce listings on more exchanges, further expanding choice for our community. This is a crucial step towards executing on our goals of enabling the global transfer of tokenized electricity, and establishing a sustainable, scalable solution for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

Cryptocurrency mining is increasingly seen as environmentally unsustainable. It is estimated that just one Bitcoin transaction consumes more power than thirty US households in a day. 4NEW will pioneer a unique and sustainable cryptocurrency model, which will also address the global crises of waste surplus and energy shortfall. 

The company’s onsite mining farm will be powered from energy recycled by its two waste to energy power plants, with surplus electricity sold to the national grid. Holders of the company’s KWATT will be able to loan or stake their coins on a quarterly basis. The coins represent electricity on the blockchain available for utilization by miners. Miners will have the ability to utilize staked energy, as represented by the coin, to process transactions within the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

4NEW’s ecosystem will also provide a blockchain platform that will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions whereby production of energy can directly meet the consumption of energy globally. For the first time in history the value of electricity will be transportable, without the usual infrastructure for mobilizing electricity, via the KWATT coin. A deficit of electrical units in one part of the world can be met with a surplus from another, simply by transporting the smart contract of the KWATT from one power plant to the next.

4NEW also intends its KWATT coin to become a global utility token. The coin will have other utility that will drive adoption, such as for customer bill payments for 4NEW services and global money transfer.

Those looking to take part in the 4NEW token sale can quickly and easily sign up on its website. Participants that contribute before July 6 receive a 50% bonus added to their KWATT account (upon completing KYC). Bonuses are still available thereafter, at the reduced rates of 30% and 25%, until the token sale completes on August 10.

4NEW website: https://4new.io

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Company Name: 4NEW.io
Full Name: Barnaby Andersun
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Website: www.4NEW.io

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