69,551 Gay Men Surveyed, 67% Say ‘Make PrEP Free!’

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AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – 11-30-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Gay dating app ROMEO held a worldwide survey among its members about safer sex. ROMEO was interested in getting an idea of sexual behavior and opinions about condoms, PrEP use, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The response was impressive with a total of 69,551 respondents.

The ROMEO survey showed that an amazing 88% of gay, bi males or trans members feel that they are (well)-informed about safer sex and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

According to the ROMEO survey, only 16% of participants said that they use PrEP and 67% said that PrEP should be covered by national health agencies and/or other health insurance. Among PrEP users, 91% indicated that they also are willing to use condoms.

“The introduction of PrEP in 2012, a medication that prevents HIV infection, has been a game changer in the gay dating world. At the same time, there is a big discussion about its benefits and risks. With this survey we want to help to find answers,” says Jens Schmidt Founder of ROMEO.

Comments from participants indicate that the rise in the spread of STIs is a major concern.

Based on the survey results, ROMEO believes that PrEP will have a positive impact, especially for those who do not consistently use a condom. View the complete survey results at the ROMEO website.

From its start 15 years ago, ROMEO, also known as PLANETROMEO, has always embraced and celebrated global diversity, while also supporting the worldwide fight against discrimination of LGBT+ people. ROMEO is one of the leading social networks worldwide for the gay, bi male, and transgender communities. With our ROMEO app and our website, we want to provide a safer and friendlier online space for guys to hang out, meet, chat and date.

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