9 Drug Companies Sued By L.A. Attorney

The opioid epidemic that is gripping the nation is mainly due to the unethical practices of 9 of the leading drug makers and distributors. They have engaged in looking to make huge profits by boosting the sales of additive painkiller drugs like fentanyl, OxyContin, and methadone.

The Los Angeles city has filed a 165-page lawsuit in the federal court against the drug companies that were practicing unethical business standards. Six of the leading drug manufacturers and three of the leading drug distributors have been sued for violating the federal laws, negligence, prescription painkiller supply, public nuisance, and misrepresentation.

These drug manufacturers and the distributors tried to take the doctors in their stride by encouraging them to prescribe the potent painkillers. They asked the doctors to prescribe the drugs suggested by them to treat chronic and long-term pain issues. These drugs have an addictive nature and this was downplayed by these drug manufacturers and distributors. The drug dealers also did not keep an account for a lot of these drug sales.

L.A. city has not been severely hit by the opioid crisis like the rural areas. L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer said that he was filing the lawsuit to hold the drug manufacturers and distributors accountable for the opioid epidemic drive.

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