A Girl For All Time gets families talking in a bid to improve children's mental health

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May 18, 2018 – All attention turns to mental health in May, as the US observes Mental Health Awareness Month. And UK doll brand, A Girl For All Time, is working to promote healthy minds in children in particular, based around research that shows play and storytelling are key for children’s health and happiness.

When creating A Girl For All Time, Frances Cain had two main objectives: the first was to produce gorgeously crafted dolls that children love to play with, and the second was to inspire a lifelong passion for reading, storytelling and history. And she’s managed exactly that through a unique range of English dolls and captivating stories which follow the adventures of an English family through 400 years of history and intrigue, while teaching about heritage and family life.

Research has shown that children who know about their own family history are more likely to display healthy mental attributes. A study by Duke, Lazarus and Fivush, show that children who know about family history such as how their parents met or where their grandparents grew up, tend to exhibit higher self-esteem and function better within a family environment; they also display lower levels of anxiety, fewer behavioural problems, and better chances for positive outcomes if they face difficulties.

The researchers believe the reason for this is that children who know about their family backgrounds and history have grown up in families who talk together, tell stories together and have open lines of communication.

The stories which accompany A Girl For All Time dolls are designed to encourage a child’s natural curiosity about their own world. The doll and story combination were created to help open up conversations with family about children’s ancestors, background, history and how their family came to be: conversations that have been found to be a key component in children’s happiness.

News stories appearing since May’s Mental Health Awareness Month began have shown that there is a rise in children suffering from mental disorders with one in five living with a serious condition. Meanwhile 87 per cent of US adults believe that children need more mental health support. So it’s important now more than ever for parents and families to be supported with strategies to help improve their children’s mental health, happiness and wellbeing.

Frances Cain, Founder of A Girl For All Time, commented: “Communication is key for happy, healthy children and families, and A Girl For All Time dolls and stories can really help to get parents chatting with their children as they play. Talking and storytelling don’t always come naturally to families, so having some toys and stories to get the conversation flowing can be really helpful.”

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Notes to Editors:

Frances Cain – Founder and CEO

Frances left her native shores of America nearly 25 years ago and has since lived in Italy, the Netherlands and now Britain.

Frustrated with the lack of intelligent play on offer for girls specifically, Frances founded A Girl for All Time® to address the gender-bias in toys.

Frances has been voted Top 100 Women in the UK Toy Industry two years in a row and is the UK Chairwoman of the international nonprofit group, Women In Toys which is dedicated to promoting and assisting women within the toy and licensing industries.

A Girl for all Time®’s creative team hails from the world of British television and film and includes BAFTA nominated writers and costume designers. You can read more about them here:


What and when?
A Girl for All Time® has two collections: Your Historical Girl™ and Your Modern Girl™. Each collection is exquisitely designed with a keen eye to details. With a large choice of characters from different eras, from Tudor times to present day, there is something for everyone in this award-winning line of dolls, books and costumes.

Online at www.AGirlForAllTime.com

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