A new project is changing the way we watch video

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ZAGREB, CROATIA – 06-07-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Beyond Seen Screen (BSS) is a mobile app that enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan any video content on any screen to easily and quickly get information related to that content. All you need to do is focus your mobile device on your video content and get the information you want. It is that simple.

Around 50% of people between 18-54 years use smartphones while watching video content. 

Beyond Seen Screen is a new digital platform that allows video content viewers to get additional information and entertainment related to the video content they are watching in an easy way, without the hassle of manually searching for that information. It also allows video content owners and marketing agencies to engage viewers of their (or their client’s) video content in new, innovative ways and provide users with personalised watching experiences. It allows TV to become a two-way street. It brings a further evolutionary step into the marketing industry — one where the video becomes the next generation billboard with the additional information hidden beyond what is seen on the screen.

The first big partnership already signed – getting access to over 7 countries and 20+ million viewers 

Beyond Seen Screen signed a pilot project with Discovery Film&Video for their two TV channels where they will be integrating a video library of 500 documentaries and movies which are being distributed to more than 20 million potential viewers in Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. 

Project is set to GO LIVE on 1st of October 2018.

Igor Rakoni, Director of Discovery Film&Video commented:

“The video business is something that I’ve long been a part of. I’ve seen VHS skyrocket to blu rays taking over all the way to now, where streaming is ruling the day. The first time I saw Beyond Seen Screen it piqued my imagination. This technology can easily work on VHS, blu ray, TV, or with any video medium for that matter. That is why we are going to use this service. It will tie additional information to assets playing on our TV channels, creating a more immersive experience for our viewers.”

Current stage of the project

Beyond Seen Screen is actively preparing for the product launch. Following the roadmap, the platform is set to be operational in Q3 2018. This follows Q2 in which they have planned an Initial Coin Offering which will help them raise the necessary capital for positioning on to global markets.

Website: https://www.beyondseenscreen.com/ 

Product/partnership inquiries: [email protected] 

About Discovery Film&Video

Founded in 1990 in Croatia. The Main activity is film distribution. In the past 22 years, they have established themselves as a synonym for a quality film, recognized by the profession, but also by the public, where many of their films have a cult status. Past projects: Asian Film Review, Documentary Film Review, Filmophilia, Open Your Eyes and Listen to The Vukovar Film Festival. Operating in seven countries. 


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Website: https://www.beyondseenscreen.com/

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