A Serious Growth Seen In LA Digital Media Jobs

The present figures of the digital media jobs in the Los Angeles region total more than 206,000. This industry has an annual payroll of $27 billion. From this report, it is clearly evident that there is a huge growth in the LA digital media jobs. There is no doubt that the local entertainment business has seen a huge transformation after the 50s. You can tell from the improvements that entertainment has made over the years. From radio, we have moved on to TV and now to watching TV content on our mobile devices.

In the last decade, the employment across the digital media business has skyrocketed by 11 percent. This is a big growth when compared to previous decades. The growth in the total payroll enrollment is over 30,300 jobs in the last decade. The employment in the Los Angeles region has grown up by 4 percent.

The digitization of content is the main reason for the boost in the number of jobs in the digital entertainment industry. It has changed the way the media and entertainment business create, produce, market, and distribute their content. The homegrown digital content has got a fillip in the past decade, thanks to big players like Makers Studio, Awesomeness TV, and Full screen.

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