AAE Takes on Exciting New Campaign Endeavors

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Just as introducing a new product is an exciting prospect for any business, producing a new campaign is a great experience for AAE. The firm's President discussed the initiative, as well as the networking perks it will present.

Press Release updated: May 18, 2018 09:00 CDT

LONG BEACH, CA , May 18, 2018 – “The opportunity to launch another promotional event is a true testament to AAE’s success,” said Blake, the company President. “We’ve proven that we’re the best organization in the sales and marketing sphere, and we have the portfolio to show for it. My colleagues and I are thrilled to report that we’re kicking off a baseball campaign, which will be the latest addition to our roster.”

Blake indicated that Marcus is spearheading this initiative in the firm’s Long Beach, California community. He will lead his team members as they research the target demographic and establish their presence in hot spots throughout the area. This way, they will effectively position themselves to interact with receptive people. Their innovative approach generates more visibility and higher returns for businesses.

“There’s no one better than Team AAE to launch this national baseball campaign!” stated Blake. “What’s more, Marcus is the perfect individual to oversee the activities. I’m confident that we’ll have great fun giving out free tickets to a game. We’ll grow the brand and expand AAE at the same time.”

“The opportunity to launch another promotional event is a true testament to AAE's success,”



AAE President Highlights Networking Potential Presented During Campaigns

AAE’s success is grounded in relationships. That’s why networking is a key component of the firm’s training program. The team members focus on communication, empathy, follow-up, and other skills that help them foster lasting connections. Not only do they bond with each other every day and forge relationships with others when attending industry events throughout the year, they make lots of exciting contacts during campaign management.

“Whether we’re focusing on sales, volunteer work, or learning from influential people, we resort to some tried-and-true strategies for building rapport,” Blake continued. “For instance, we’re careful to use body language to our advantage. By standing small, smiling kindly, and making plenty of eye contact, we make ourselves approachable. Of course, we’re also aware of others’ body language. Staying attuned to their facial expressions, gestures, and other signals lets us know their excitement is growing.”

“We’re geared up to continue meeting new people – especially lots of enthusiastic baseball fans!” concluded Blake. “This campaign is certain to offer numerous opportunities for all involved and I’m eager to see where it takes us.”

About AAE: 

AAE is a leader in dynamic marketing solutions. They take a personal approach to customer engagement that nets fast bottom-line results. The team is composed of talented individuals who are empowered to be innovative. The firm’s collective passion and inventiveness create impact that generates high revenues and recognition. The expert team understands how to apply their keen marketing knowledge to get customers talking. By challenging each other to take risks, they make inroads where others fail. Their unique approach ensures that businesses have a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. To learn more, visit them at aaeincorporated.com.

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