Airbnb Hosts Face Stringent Restrictions From LA Lawmakers

The Airbnb hosts will now have to go through tighter restrictions to rent out their homes to tenants. There is a cap that the Los Angeles lawmakers are suggesting for how many days in a year a person can rent out his residence.

The Planning and Land Use Management Committee of the LA city council has decided on the last Tuesday through a vote that the Airbnb hosts can rent out their homes for a 120-day period. The Planning Commission had recommended a 180-day period in June. But, the new unanimous vote of the committee restricts the period of just 120 days.

If the hosts are looking to extend the renting period beyond the fixed 120-day limit, then they can do so by paying a $1,149 fee. It is also important that the host has not been involved in any nuisance violations for a period of three years.

Jose Huizar, the Chairman of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee, said that any good host or good neighbor must surely get a chance to operate more than 120 days. There are many other rules that were proposed on short-term rental sites like Airbnb.

Many of the critics of the short-term housing rentals have said that the housing crisis is escalating due to these kinds of rentals.

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