American Express Lounges Coming Up In LAX And Denver

American Express has confirmed that it has plans to set up a Centurion lounge in the terminal C of Denver International Airport. There are also reports coming through that American Express will shortly be opening another premium airport lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal in Los Angeles.

The Centurion lounge that is coming up in the Denver International Airport will be the second biggest lounge of the American Express group. The biggest one will be shortly opening at the JFK Airport in New York. The American Express lounge on the terminal C of the Denver airport will be of great use to the United Airlines passengers.

The Centurion lounge in Los Angeles Airport will concentrate on international passengers. This lounge can be accessed only by passengers who are using the TBIT and their neighboring terminals 4, 5, 6 and 8.

Once these two lounges are opened, the American Express will have 12 Centurion lounges to its credit. This lounge concept was started in 2013. The new lounge will offer free buffet-style meals, full bar facilities, and concierge access with entry.

Only the American Express Platinum and Centurion card holders can have access to these lounges. The minimum annual fee for these cards is at least $550.

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