Eclectic American-Style Restaurant Opened in Westwood’s Oldest Buildings

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On June 11, Fellow opened on Glendon Avenue, a new eclectic American-style restaurant, after offering only delivery and catering services since February. They also offers space for private events and parties.

According to Philip Camino, one of the owners of the restaurant, said he thinks Fellow’s proximity to UCLA makes it perfect for student and faculty organizations looking to host events. The restaurant features a main dining floor with a photo booth, a mezzanine with a DJ booth, a private dining area and a bar.

Camino further said that, “There is sort of a limited amount of usable space on UCLA’s campus for private events, and if you do have spaces, they’re kinda cookie-cutter,”

It was in 1929 when the building was originally constructed as a grocery store that Fellow resides now but still retain the original elements. The interior structure of Fellow is what makes it a versatile space that guests can use for different kinds of events.

Michael Bryant, the head chef at Fellow, said the restaurant’s American-eclectic food is inspired by a mixture of flavors from global spices, traditional comfort food and his roots in Virginia.

Bryant said, “My style is broad. I pull a bit of Indian, Latin American, Caribbean and other bold spices like that, but what we try to do is offer something of a comfort factor, nothing pretentious,”

What the customers say:

  • they liked the layout of the restaurant, the decor and the different flavors the menu offered
  • the restaurant offers small portion sizes, but is a good place to unwind
  • a good place to get a glass of wine after work or after school
  • a good place to hold business lunches because Westwood currently does not have many restaurants that offer formal sit-down meals

Camino said that he is looking forward to seeing how Fellow fits into the Westwood and UCLA community.



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