BCM Direct’s ‘Healthy Finds Cashback Savings Program’ Has Done What Was Considered Impossible: The Marriage of Healthy Living and Affordability

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AUSTIN, Texas February 05, 2018

Today BCM Direct announced the release of their Healthy Finds Cashback Savings Program. Since the original launch of Healthy Finds in March 2017, BCM Direct, the digital marketing veteran, has expanded their commitment to providing health-conscious consumers with the best natural health and beauty products on the market, to include amazing savings in what is considered a costly market. While they still continue to offer shoppers everything they need to live more holistic lives, they are now saving people a lot of money in the process.

Signing up for Healthy Finds Cashback Savings Program is simple and rewarding. All members will immediately be provided at least $60 in gift cards. But the savings don’t stop there. Every time a Healthy Finds member spends $50 with any Healthy Finds retailer an additional $10 gift card will be awarded. While Healthy Finds recommends that all purchases be made directly from their growing list of retailers, Healthy Finds will still honor any purchase made from Amazon, Target, GNC, or anywhere else these products are sold. By emailing the digital receipt to Healthy Finds, the purchase will count toward the members $50 purchase to receive their $10 free gift card.

Most so-called health brands are run by large corporations and spend the majority of their re-sources on marketing, buzzwords, and packaging labels, while very little attention goes into the quality of the ingredients. Healthy Finds is different, Healthy Finds is honest. Every brand Healthy Finds promotes has been vetted and approved by their wellness team, overseen by award-winning Dr. Andrew Campbell. Cutting no corners, Healthy Finds has partnered with over seventy health based creators to provide the purest and highest quality products available, and now at an even lower cost. There will never be a better time to join the Healthy Finds family, as they anticipate gaining over thirty more retailers by March of this year, which means even greater ways to save are in-store!

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Jasmine Petters

Jasmine Petters

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