Ben Chai Looks Over the Risks of Bitcoin

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LONDON (PRWEB UK) 3 February 2018

Business leader Ben Chai, nicknamed the “Doctor Who of Business” speaks out about his concerns on Bitcoin and has written a white paper analysing the risks that comes with cryptocurrency, evaluating how it will affect financial proceedings.

Bitcoin which has staggered the financial markets briefly is now stuttering but there is often confusion as to what it is. It's mostly understood as a digital currency without a centralised bank for the average person, and currently its future is not well telegraphed.

With public research from Gartner Group and conversations with experts, Ben Chai has produced several white papers on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, examining its functions and risks.

The papers provide an overview of its impact on the industry, the risks involved and should people decide to take the risk, which coins are the best for investment.

Ben analyses the investment strategies that could succeed with Bitcoin given the huge goldmine rush occurring with it, alternatives to Bitcoin and also looks at how someone could protect themselves from scam artists and hackers.

In a conversation with one security expert, Gage Boyle, shared how vulnerable cryptocurrency is with the current technology available. Ben Chai hails from an esteemed background in technology and business, having helped over thousands of individuals across more than sixty countries. He has worked with organisations such as Microsoft, Shell and NATO and more, with a diversified business ranging from hospitality to property and IT.

Crucially Ben used to be a trusted adviser to the Cyber-Security non-profit Council and has given talks at cyber-security events whilst also being an international speaker at organisations such as Learning Tree International, IBM, Microsoft, Price Waterhouse, United Bank of Switzerland and many others.

He has appeared on numerous media platforms including TV and radio, giving talks. He is the author of five books and recently published “Social Magnetism” which looks at how entrepreneurs and start-ups should approach networking events.


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Note to Editors:

Ben Chai was the Chief editor of multiple printed and online media

Since 1998, Ben has been a well-respected writer, business broadcaster and television presenter for many of the major technology websites and magazines, producing articles, podcasts and videocasts for a variety of industries from dance to security and technology.

He is an author for five books and featured chapters in several other books.

His latest release is his book called “Social Magnetism”

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Propertunities was set up to help people understand and gain from my 30 years experience in property investing.

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Founded in 1997, Lanix UK Limited has always had a focus on how to help customers grow their business through automation and systemisation of their business processes and protection of their digital assets.

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