Beutner Chosen To Lead Los Angeles Schools

The new superintendent of the Los Angeles schools has been selected. As per the rumors, the job has landed in the hands of investment banker Austin Beutner. He is named as the superintendent of the Los Angeles schools after the Los Angeles school board took a controversial and bold decision.

Beutner does not have any experience in leading a school or any school district. This choice of superintendent was totally different from what the other board had suggested about 2½ years ago. They suggested the name of Michelle King as he had the experience and had come through the ranks to qualify as the superintendent.

Beutner got the job after winning by 5 to 2 votes. This new move by the board looks like that is looking for an aggressive change in the Los Angeles school system. There are financial crises faced by the school system in LA and this could be one of the reasons why the board chose Beutner for the job.

The Vice President Nick Melvoin said that a new way of thinking is needed to solve the obstinate problems that the board faces. He is sure that Beutner would bring some innovative ideas to solve the stubborn issues.

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