Beutner Front Runner To Lead LA Schools

It looks like the path to leading the Los Angeles school system is getting clearer and clearer for Austin Beutner. Another finalist Andres Alonso, a former Baltimore schools’ chief, has withdrawn his consideration for the post of the leader of the LA school system.

There are just two candidates who are remaining in the fray now. One is the interim superintendent Vivian Ekchian and the other is Austin Beutner, who is an investment banker. The odds for getting the job are heavily loaded in favor of Beutner. The school board will be meeting on the coming Tuesday to deliberate on this matter. Beutner has said that he had notified the Los Angeles Unified School District about his availability for the post on Monday.

Beutner could be the next person to lead the LA school system after the withdrawal from Indianapolis Supt. Lewis Ferebee last week and Andres Alonso this week. This was a confidential superintendent search, but it has gone public. This could be the reasons why two of the candidates backed off.

The LA school system is a struggling and volatile one and many would not dare to be at its helm. The supporters of Beutner are trying all ways to get five votes for him to win the vote for the leader post of the LA school system.

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