Blockchain 3.0 is here: Metabase ICO by Intrepid Ventures

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The initial Coin Offering for the Metabase Network kicks off on July 10th.

HONG KONG – 05-22-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Intrepid Ventures, a blockchain venture studio that designs and builds new companies and decentralised platforms, is gearing up for the Metabase ICO

Intrepid’s first in-house development called Metabase, is a scalable blockchain and smart opcodes platform for building next-generation businesses. At its core, Metabase is a multidimensional blockchain system that is focused on developer usability, extensibility, scale, and security. 

The platform is designed to empower entrepreneurs, founders and developers to build, grow, and monetize their decentralized applications and scale them into the market-leading businesses of the future.

Ankit Malik, Blockchain Research Manager at Intrepid Ventures, said –

“From the beginning, our team understood that first generation blockchains have several limitations that are preventing their widespread use and adoption. Instead of only focusing on scalability, like most other projects, Metabase takes a multidimensional approach. It is this multifaceted approach “scalability + real-world inspired monetary policy + smart OpCodes” that makes Metabase a next-generation blockchain platform.”

Key Metabase ICO dates:

  • ICO Pre-sale: June 5th to 22nd
  • ICO Main-sale: July 10th to 18th September

Commenting on the upcoming ICO, Managing Director and Co-Founder Collin Thompson said,

“We’re developing Metabase to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges by cultivating the untapped ingenuity of makers and innovators around the world. Metabase is the most comprehensive blockchain 3.0 platform solution to power the digital infrastructure of the future ”

Intrepid Ventures is made up of a globally distributed and diverse team of designers, engineers, and social scientists hailing from countries spread across the world. The company has developed its own ICO coin offering solution called Token Deck that makes crowdfunding safe, compliant and simple. 

About Intrepid Ventures

Based in Hong Kong, INTREPID Ventures is a blockchain venture studio based that designs and builds new companies and decentralised platforms. The company is driven to build things that matter and is committed to overcoming the technical, design and usability barriers that stand in the way unprecedented change.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Intrepid Ventures
Full Name: Zach Piester
Phone: +65 9035 5343
Email Address: Send Email

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