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DALLAS, TX – 04-27-2018 (Press Release Jet) — This spring BrainBasket launches its brand new website feature to simplify students life and genuinely help them with homework they complete every day. This solution appears as a section of questions and answers. The assignments students get is not only about essay writing, even though it might make up the bulk of it. Still, we believe that help with study might be needed in many more aspects one can never predict. Thus, we designed a toll-free service where students can get answers to any disturbing question, ask for help, guidance, moral support or relevant resources.

How does it work?

This service is pretty simple to use. First of all, you would need to create an account on (it is free). Afterward, you go to “Homework Help” section, click the button ‘Ask Question,’ enter all the essential details and click on submit. After that, you would need to wait for a short period, until you question goes through moderation. BrainBasket Team cares about the quality of the content. Thus we check every material we post on our website.

Once the question is published, all the users of the website would see it. Still, only registered users will be able to post the answer. Thus, it is a unique opportunity for each student to get help from teachers and other students, or get the advice from professional writers on any aspect related to essay writing.

The form of questions and answers is pretty comfortable and convenient to use. It practically forms out a small forum for an academic society, where people can discuss the latest issues and news in the field of education, exchange knowledge and experience or just get a helping hand in case of need.

Why use q&a online?

This feature was designed as an accessible and accessible tool one can use as study or homework help. First of all, it is free to use. The only thing needed here is the account on the BrainBasket website, which is also free to create.

Another reason is that you’ll get personalized help from other users, who mostly are students, professors or professional writers. It is way easier than googling for answers, reading endless folios of information, trying to find the answer you need.

Except for usage simplicity, we believe such a way is faster for any user. Instead of hours one can spend trying to find the answer, s/he can simply get it from the one who knows.

Also, the last, but not the least, is the variety of answers you can get. Usually, questions provoke great discussions, when people share their opinions on the issue, thus creating a great material for essay to write.

Should you ever be stuck on a blank page, not knowing how to start your essay, lost in materials to read, in need for directions or any kind of advice, you are always welcome to post your question on

What is is a young but ambitious education platform that has set a noble goal to help English speaking students all around the world with their homework. The ground idea of our website is to collect thousands of students papers in one database to provide each student with decent examples of any doctype on a vast variety of topics, for example look at Medical Science essays section. We at BrainBasket believe that having a sample of work helps in writing more than any guide or lecture.

The team, working on a project, includes only young professionals, who are recent students themselves. Thus, we do know how hard it can be to cope with all of the assignments one should go through to get a degree. Also, college is not about studying only. It should be the best time of your life, which would include great social connections, making friends, having fun, hobbies, and travelings. How one can manage it all and be successful in studies at the same time? We at BrainBasket work hard each day to simplify student’s life by creating our database, supporting it and uploading new documents each day.

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