Brand Promo LLC Officially Releases PromoStreak, An Innovative Marketing Solution Dedicated To Entrepreneurs And Non-Profits – Press Release

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Brand Promo LLC, a company from Spokane Valley Washington, has recently released PromoStreak on the date of June 4, 2018. The product combines text messaging with powerful custom cloud features, such as smart coupons, unlimited characters, comment box and custom forms.

SPOKANE VALLEY, WA – 06-12-2018 (Press Release Jet) — PromoStreak is an enhanced text messaging system that allows any business or organization to directly engage customers through their smartphones via branded, customized content. They provide a do-it-yourself platform that allows the business to send promotions, offer coupons, collect data through custom mobile forms, and manage customer feedback through the digital comment box. Enhanced Text Messaging is one of the services provided, which translates into text messages that contain a link to the proprietary cloud application and services. Recipients tap the link to view the content in their mobile browser. It looks, feels and functions like an app, but it runs on their cloud platform and requires no downloads.

PromoStreak has been recently released to the general public after 4 years of testing and in-house development, in which only selected organizations could benefit from the service. The link that users receive allows them to escape the traditional 160-character limit, while the cloud allows the user to rejoice from a full-screen smartphone experience, with more than just plain text. In any of the services provided by PromoStreak customers are able to use their own branding and custom content, including images, videos and GIFs. A library of stock photos and videos is also provided. The actual text message serves only as a delivery platform linking users to content created by the companies. Inbound Promotions allow businesses to utilize keyword text marketing to attract new customers. A keyword or phrase can be included in all forms of advertising and social media campaigns.

The PromoStreak system allows customers to connect a certain keyword to branded content such as announcements, smart coupons, surveys and custom mobile forms. Everything is hosted and managed on their proprietary cloud platform for only few cents per customer. All content is created and customized via a simple back office. “Once customers have opted-in or registered the business, we can market directly to them with our Outbound Promotions. We provide real-time updates and response rates. Business owners can see exactly who responded to the promotion”, says Daniel Fields, CEO of PromoStreak.

The simplified pricing model of PromoStreak allows organizations to use this service for about 5 to 15 cents per transaction, and without taking any percentage of the funds raised via the campaign. “One of our earliest customers, Frankie’s Comics, uses PromoStreak to market custom variant comics to its national audience. They use inbound promotions to attract new customers, which has resulted in them doubling their audience in just two years. Frankie’s uses outbound promotions to reach hundreds of customers with new product offerings and flash sales. They are able to see real-time results of the promotions including delivery rates, response rates and click-through details”, adds Daniel.

More details about the service and platform can be found on , with early users being able to benefit from 100 Free Credits in order to test the service.

About Brand Promo, LLC

Brand Promo, LLC is a private software company specialized in custom development, mobile marketing solutions, web design and training packages. The company has 30 years of experience in development and system design, producing native applications for various OS’s, including Windows 10, OSX, Android and iOS, and making use of proprietary cloud technologies.

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