Calcium Butyrate Market Analysis, Latest Trends and Regional Growth 2024

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Albany, NY — 05/19/2018 — Calcium Butyrate Market – Snapshot

Butyrate is produced naturally in intestine and is known for health benefits it offer. Calcium butyrate is used in food supplements and animal feeds. It is an off-white colored calcium salt and is highly soluble in water. It is stable under normal pressure and temperature. It is also used as a coloring and flavoring agent.

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Calcium butyrate finds its applications in end-use industries such as poultry and dairy farming, animal health, and pharmaceutical. Of these, the demand from poultry and dairy farming is rising accelerating at a higher pace. Poultry and dairy production is considered to be the next growing end-use segment, which is expected to drive this market. The use of calcium butyrate as a dietary supplement in hens, which improves the production rate of eggs, and it also acts as a growth regulator of hormones in hens.

Calcium butyrate is an active food ingredient in cattle feed as it helps in maintenance and restoration of physiological calcium balance. It also controls the undesirable growth of pathogens and micro-organisms such as salmonella and coliform bacteria. Furthermore, it regulates the growth of probiotic bacteria, which has high nutrition value. Calcium butyrate helps in development of and repairing tissues in digestive tract of animals and helps to increase secretion of digestive enzymes. Moreover, it can be used for prevention of inflammation in intestines and blood vessels. Owing to its non-carcinogenic properties, it helps in killing cancerous cells in gut and colon gerion. All these applications of calcium butyrate in various segments are expected to boost the global calcium butyrate market.

Calcium butyrate is an off-white colored calcium salt of butyric acid. Calcium butyrate is stable under normal temperature and pressure. It is highly water-soluble and gives off a sour odor. Calcium butyrate is used as a nutritional additive during manufacturing of different dietary supplements and cattle feed. Moreover, calcium butyrate is a good flavoring as well as a coloring agent. Pharmaceutical, animal health and poultry & dairy farming are the chief end-user industries which consume calcium butyrate. Poultry & dairy farming industry accounted for the largest market share for calcium butyrate in 2013.

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Demand for calcium butyrate was substantially driven by rise in the production of poultry & dairy products followed by cattle feed. Calcium butyrate is considered to be one of the active food ingredients for cattle feed. It helps in restoration & maintenance of physiological calcium balance. Calcium butyrate controls the unwanted growth rate of pathogens and other micro-organisms including coliform bacteria and salmonella. Calcium butyrate regulates the growth of probiotic bacteria which have high nutritional value. Moreover, calcium butyrate assists in increasing secretion of digestive enzymes as well as in the repair & development of tissues in digestive tract of animals. Other uses of calcium butyrate include prevention of inflammation in blood vessels & intestines. Furthermore, it helps in killing cancerous cells in colon & gut region, owing to its non-carcinogenic properties. Thus, owing to the multi-functional properties of calcium butyrate, a rise in demand for the same is estimated by 2020, from animal health industry.

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