California Bullet Train Project Cost Escalates

The California bullet train project costs have again increased sharply. This bullet train project will connect Los Angeles to San Francisco. It would now cost $98.1 billion. There is a $77.3 billion increase from the last estimate that the rail authority put up.

There is also going to be a delay in the full bullet train system to become operational. The rail authorities said that the trains would start off with a partial run from San Francisco to Bakersfield. The installation of this high-speed rail route will be completed by 2029. This is 4 years later than what was previously projected.

All the new details are in the 114-page business plan the rail authorities released last Friday. They will be facing the public hearing and also meet up with the legislature in about 60 days.

The new estimate for the California bullet train project is going to burn the fingers of the Californian leadership. It will be doubling up the financial commitments of the leadership. The leadership is already facing issues like increasing costs, delay in the completion of the project, community backlashes, and litigation for the bullet train project.

The additional cost even for the initial partial run is going to put a lot of burden on the California leadership as the previous business plan has been just enough to carry out the initial operating system.

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