California Democratic Party Say No To Sen. Feinstein

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Dianne Feinstein was seeking her fifth straight term to fight against the Republicans in Washington. But, the California Democratic Party was not in favor of making her as a candidate to fight against the Republicans this time. She did not get the endorsement from the Democratic Party.

The Democratic activists wanted her challenger Kevin de Leon, the state’s Senate leader to be their face. This is why they backed Kevin as he was a fresh candidate in the mix. They also felt that he had very good progressive credentials and that too on immigration.

Kevin failed to win the 60 percent support needed to win the endorsement at the annual convention of the Democrats despite the support from California Democratic Party. This means that both Feinstein and Kevin will get the approval from the party. They will not get the extra cash needed for their campaign that leads to the June primary.

The Democrats are a torn party now and Senator Kamala Harris and U.S. Representative Maxine Waters are urging the members to stay united to face the midterm elections. They said that President Donald Trump is a common enemy to more than 3,000 Democratic activists gathered at the annual meet.

Feinstein is a popular figure among Democratic voters and has the money to run a successful election campaign.

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