California Staring At A Small Drought Situation

The weather experts were very optimistic about the Californian winter. The reservoirs were full due to the heavy rain and snowfall that the region received. But, all this is changed now as mid-February has arrived. The dry season is all set to begin in California and the professionals are a bit nervous now.

The snow surveys chief of the Department of water resources, David Rizzardo, says that it is not looking good for California. The snowpack of Sierra was just 22 percent of the average snowfall. The snowfall in Sacramento valley is a bit better. It has got 7.8 inches of rain, which is 50 percent of the average rainfall here.

A five-year drought was called off by the governor Jerry Brown last April. But, the forecasters and the climatologists say that the drought situation has very good chances of re-appearing. There are reports that 45 percent of the California state will face moderate to severe drought. This means that the forthcoming drought will hit 24 million Californians.

Michelle Mead of the Sacramento’s National Weather Service says that the state will face a ‘little D’ drought. It will not be worse as the state reservoirs are at good averages because of the record rains in winter.

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