California Supreme Court Justice Seat Vacant For 6 Months

The Governor Jerry Brown had to face a barrage of questions from the reporters during the January news conference. Most of the questions were about the filling up of the Supreme Court Justice seat that has been vacant in California for 6 months. The former Justice Kathryn Werdegar retired after serving for over 23 years. Mr. Brown was at times evasive and also honest with his answers.

He said that the search for the Supreme Court justice was going on well. He is looking at things very carefully. He has appointed three and the search for the fourth decisive person is on.

The former Supreme Court Justice Kathryn did not quit the chair all of a sudden. She had given 5 months’ notice before vacating her office. But, still Governor Brown has not appointed anyone to the post. Brown does not have any deadline to make a final decision.

The Governor has said that picking the next Supreme Court justice in California is a decisive decision he has to make. He wants to know how that decisiveness has to work. At present, the choices made by Brown for the most important seat are Justices Leondra Kruger, Goodwin Liu, and Mariano Florentino Cuellar. All the three have not yet served as judges. Everyone is waiting for the governor to understand the decisiveness.

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