California To Combat Swamp Rodent

California is facing the problem of invasion by swamp rodent. It was believed that Myocastor coypus or Nutria have been eradicated in the state. But, the swamp rodent is back and wildlife officials are trying new plans to get rid of them.

The swamp rodents are larger in size than the rats. They mainly occupied the wetlands in the state. In 1965, the officials have eradicated them from their habitat, but have reappeared in a mysterious way.

According to California Department of fish and wildlife, within the past one year, they have invaded three countries. The department is now asking the help of residents to understand the size of the infestation.

According to the spokesperson of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Peter Tira, they don’t know how the rodents were re-introduced or their total number at present. Tira added that they are not sure whether someone has set one rodent loose or if there was already some isolated population in the wetlands that they were not aware of. But, they are sure that they want to get rid of the problem.

The body of these rodents grows to a size of 2.5 feet, excluding the long tail. It weighs about 20 pounds. They can destroy the wetlands and can contaminate water and drinking supplies. The rodents can transmit diseases to humans and pets.

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