Californian Police Chiefs Not Using License Plate Privacy Bill Appropriately

A new bill, S.B. 712 by EFF does not have the favor of the California police. This new bill gives the drivers to cover the license plates of the car when they are parked. The bill is created to give drivers the option to protect sensitive information about their whereabouts and their travel from being tracked by data brokers and law enforcement agencies.

The Police have used the license plates of the cars parked in the mosque to check out the data of the Muslims. They have also made use of the license plates parked at the gay clubs to blackmail the gays attending the clubs. Similarly, the law enforcement and other agencies are amassing license plates of patients and doctors of reproductive health centers, and from other institutions.

The Police Department in California is completely against this law. They say that the bill will not work and have delivered a flood alert to the state senators about the bill. They claim that the amber alerts will not function if the license plates of vehicles are covered. The kidnappers cannot be caught or traced if the hide their number plates. But, the real pieces of evidences prove that the claim of the police is false. The Amber Alerts are a thing of the past and will not be effective now.

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