CECL- Practical Modeling Examples Webinar from MainStreet Technologies (MST)

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Regan Camp leading SME on CECL and allowance

Regan Camp, Managing Director, MST Advisory Services

Consider what might be leveraged from your current methodologies and how you may be able to revise for CECL.

Atlanta, Georgia February 06, 2018

Transitioning to CECL is an extended journey through a variety of assessments, calculations and decisions that will lead financial institutions to one final determination: the methodology or methodologies it will use to estimate current expected credit losses. On February 15 at 2:00 p.m. EST, Regan Camp of MST Advisory Services, will provide insights on each of the methodologies that have been identified as most appropriate for estimating the allowance under the new CECL standard.

Regan Camp has worked closely with hundreds of financial institutions of varying sizes and complexities to develop sound and defensible allowance methodologies, policies and procedures. As managing director of MST Advisory Services, he leads a team of subject matter experts assisting financial institutions in their CECL transitions, in accurately interpreting, applying and implementing the new accounting standard. He is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, thought leader and trusted advisor on the allowance and credit risk.

In his February 15 webinar, Mr. Camp will provide an overview of each of the most widely considered methodologies for CECL, including Vintage Analysis, PD/LGD, Cohort and DCF. In addressing each methodology he will provide modeling examples and discuss associated advantages and disadvantages. And he will offer insights on current methodology trends.

Learning more about potential CECL methodologies will help institutions make better decisions during transition and chart a more efficient course toward final methodology selections.

The webinar is open to all financial institutions. There is no charge to attend. To register, go to: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7416464703021218817

About MainStreet Technologies (MST)

MST is the leader and pioneer in allowance software solutions, advisory services and education. Financial institutions across the U.S. employ MST to address their allowance requirements, including the software and subject matter expertise to achieve and maintain compliance with U.S. GAAP and the impending CECL accounting standard. MST solutions are tailored for the institution, integrate with core and other lender systems, and exponentially improve efficiencies. Contact MST at 877-910-9789 or visit the MST website: http://www.mainstreet-tech.com.

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