Changing Las Vegas One Step at a Time with Don Forman and Fox5’s Surprise Squad

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – 07-27-2018 (Press Release Jet) — For Immediate Release

 Changing Las Vegas One Step at a Time with Don Forman and Fox5’s Surprise Squad (July 2018) – Since becoming a primary partner of Fox5’s Surprise Squad, Don Forman has been actively involved in changing the lives of so many Las Vegas residents in the recent years. He has appeared in the television show countless of times and has revolutionized how philanthropy should be done. Launched in 2013, the TV shows aim to make a difference to society by surprising them with “good deeds” to change their lives. They have given hopes to many Las Vegas residents and brought a new wave of consciousness amongst the population. The Surprise Squad has been one of the most successful shows in Las Vegas with heart touching episodes shared by millions of netizens around the world. Don Forman and Fox5’s humanitarian cause have captured the imagination of many and continue to dominate the airwaves with every episode that shows a unique way of touching the lives of average people.   The successful entrepreneur and Surprise Squad joined together in 2014 amidst the natural calamities and domestic terrorism faced by the city. It was a high time for local residents to see a brighter side of the countless of problems faced by plenty. Don Forman and the Surprise Squad brought a new kind of hope and unity that resonates with the reality of human life and the common tragedies we all share. Amongst the recipients of their philanthropic causes was a waitress working in Chili’s who had to travel back and forth to her dying husband’s side in LA, her job, and her small children. She was surprised by the Don Forman and the TV network by giving her $2,000 from supposed random undercover customers. Don Forman appeared in the episode and added another $10,000, accommodations in LA, and a brand new car from United Nissan. It was one of the tear-jerking stories that touched many netizens and changed someone’s life instantly. A successful businessman, Don Forman owns United Nissan in Las Vegas and Pacific Nissan in San Diego, CA. He has been in the automotive industry since the early 1990s and is recognized as a great leader and his companies are considered to be the best dealers in the country. A diligent individual and a great motivator, Don Forman is changing the landscape of modern business ownership with various causes geared towards the betterment of lives and not just for personal gains. He is one of the great movers in Las Vegas that continues to have a sweeping impact in the US and the rest of the world.   Contact Information Don Forman(714) 352-0996[email protected] Fox5 Surprise Squad[email protected] 

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