Changing Weather Conditions Bring Rainfall to LA this Winter

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Rainfall has finally come to Los Angeles this winter after over five phenomenally dry winters in previous years. Breaking the pattern of dry weather set over the past twenty years, this year’s weather reports have shown that since the first of October there have been about 12.91 inches of rainfall in Los Angeles downtown area, almost surpassing the city’s 14.93 annual average. That’s over double what the city normally receives in a given winter these past few years, and it is sorely needed, as last winter was one of the driest in recorded history for the city of LA. The high amounts of atmospheric pressure that are reported to have caused this long pattern of dry winters finally seem to have subsided, so expect to see even more rain this winter in downtown LA.

Just this January, LA was slated to receive torrential amounts of rain, getting an entire month’s rainfall in the span of a single week. Roads ended up blocked due to the weather conditions, but residents living in areas affected by the recent forest fires were told that there was no reason for them to evacuate, which is great news for those who may have been impacted by the Woolsey Fire as they will not be forced to leave their homes due to the rainfall.

However, there’s one more thing to look forward to once the rain lets up: experts expect wildflowers to bloom in full force due to the increased amount of rain in LA. Much of Los Angeles will be covered in beautiful blooms this spring, especially in areas that were affected by the Woolsey Fire.


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