CheapEatz app allows restaurants to control and customize their own discounts at the touch of a button

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MCKINNEY, TX – 08-06-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Brand- new real-time app allows local eateries to increase customers and revenue during non-peak hours

August 6, 2018 – McKinney, Texas: CheapEatz, a real-time app that allows local restaurants and bakeries to customize their own discounts at the touch of a button, is launching this month. The free app enables restaurants and bakeries to promote discounts to customers at non-peak times. The real-time app can be adjusted or updated by restaurants quickly and easily. Local restaurant owners will no longer waste time and money with mailers, third-party websites and apps they have no control over. CheapEatz allows local restaurants and bakeries to control their own discounts. The discounts can be altered with the touch of a button to meet their needs. The CheapEatz app is free to download and restaurant owners will be able to run discount campaigns at any time. Discount campaigns can be set up quickly via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Owners can monitor the campaigns and receive detailed information on customer demographics. The CheapEatz app allows owners to learn more about their customers and to adapt to their clientele. 

Restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments who use CheapEatz can expect their guest count and revenue to increase. It also advertises to individuals who would not normally frequent a particular restaurant. Offering attractive discounts during daily slow periods provides restaurants with steady traffic and increased visibility.

The CheapEatz app isn’t just for local restaurants and bakeries, but customers can download the app and find a wealth of dining options. App users can view restaurant menus, rate and review dining experiences, and view previously written reviews.

One of the app’s most unique features is the savings feature.Users can utilize the CheapEatz savings feature to track their monthly and yearly spends. It shows users just how much money they have saved by using the app. Another feature is the discount alert. This feature informs users when their favorite restaurants have a new discount.

About CheapEatz:

CheapEatz was founded in 2018 by restauranteurs Byron & Jemece Gasaway. The company was formed for the dual purposes of providing great value to customers by offering real-time discounts and to generate more traffic to restaurants during slow or non-peak hours. 

Byron Gasaway, Co-Founder
[email protected]1-800-557-2260 ext 803

Media Contacts:

Company Name: CheapEatz, LLC
Full Name: Byron Gasaway
Phone: 800-557-2260 ext 807
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