Chubbs, The Lost Cat And The Internet Star

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Chubbs is an adorable Himalayan mix cat aged 10, which weighs around 29 pounds and has brownish furry skin.

These days she has gained a lot of popularity and is being followed on in the internet by many of her followers not just because of her beauty and cuteness but there is a story behind her fame.


Chubbs is actually a stray cat which was wondering at Altadena Street without any identification.

Some good soul pick her up and brought to the Pasadena Humane Society. Which means she went in safe hands. They cleaned her body and then took few photographs of her to upload on internet websites such as twitter and facebook in order to find her owner.


As there was no particular identification of her so the Shelter people named the cat as “Chubbs”.


Just the very next day her story and photograph went viral. But now another problem aroused that a huge number of people were claiming to be an owner of Chubbs. The officials at Shelter have to go through all these claims but they found none of them to be valid and true.


In order to resolve the issue and to provide Chubbs a suitable home, the Shelter has asked the potential owners to fill out adoption forms on Wednesday morning so that the most suitable candidate shall be provided with the adoption of Chubbs.


Meanwhile,  the Shelter officials are paying their attention on Chubb’s health too as fat cats are at greater risk of catching diseases, thus they have put her on a diet and she has managed to lose 2 pounds too.


Although Chubbs is enjoying a good stay at the Shelter but we hope and wish her the best that she gets the best home for her.


Good Luck Chubbs! 




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