Cisco and Google Join Forces to Build New Hybrid Cloud Services

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According to the reports, a partnership between Cisco and Google has been announced on Wednesday that will let on companies to promote the applications that can be run on the own premises of the firm or through Google Cloud. It will help their customers build more active hybrid cloud solutions.

According to some analysts, this partnership will help Google Cloud compete more with Microsoft, which by now offers a hybrid cloud service. With the help of this new partnership, corporate clients that use Cisco`s tool can be achieved by Google cloud. Cisco can also enjoy this advantage as its customers can use the services more seamlessly on premises and through the Google Cloud.

As said by Cisco`s chief executive officer, Chuck Robbins, “Our partnership with Google gives our customers the very best cloud has to offer – agility and scale coupled with enterprise-class security and support.”

He added that a common vision of a hybrid cloud world is shared by them that deliver the speed of innovation in an open and safe environment so that the customers get the correct solutions. During the start of 2018, very limited customers would get the solutions, and further will get the planned general availability in the year.

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