Climate Science Special Report Shows Trump Administration Failure

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The Trump administration has been under fire since the time he denounced and distanced himself from the Paris Climate Change Summit. People were shocked and knew that something was amiss after he pulled out of the summit. Now since the results say otherwise, the Trump administration is feeling the heat under the aftermath of the many tsunamis that made landfall in the previous year.

The Climate Science Special Reports are in and they don’t support his claim and rather claim the opposite, that we human beings are to blame for the global warming phenomenon. That’s something every person has just been talking about.

This report claims that human intervention is the primary reason for the drastic change in weather patterns. The White House Spokesperson vehemently refuted the claim of scientific research presented to them and made special reference to changing climate patterns throughout eternity as the culprit.

This denial in the face of climatic danger might be another skeleton in the closet for the Trump Administration yet. This White House administration is going against a great deal of REAL research, while only believing the very few studies that make climate change look like a hoax. 

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