Coinschedule takes a big step to make ICOs safer

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OXFORD, UK – 04-26-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Coinschedule, the leading ICO listing website has released the Coinschedule Trust Score, a system that informs its visitors about the level of trust that each ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has within the community. 

ICOs have become a popular method for raising funds based on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the problems the industry faces is the amount of scammers that have been attracted to this community, creating fraudulent ICO projects in the expectation that the lack of regulation and due diligence will allow them to steal money from unsuspecting ‘investors’.

Alex Buelau, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinschedule said “We hate scammers. We were the first ICO listing site out there, and have closely watched the explosion in the popularity of ICOs. We have seen many innovative projects with excellent teams, but also some questionable ones with shady teams and not enough transparency. We developed the Trust Score to help people differentiate the good projects from the bad ones”

This Trust Score system is based on a proprietary algorithm called ICORank™ which uses artificial intelligence techniques to determine the score of each ICO project. The algorithm assigns a grade going from A (good) to E (bad) to each ICO listed in Coinschedule.

“We have worked closely with scientists from Oxford over the past year to develop and calibrate the ICOrank™ algorithm. We believe that it will be extremely helpful for people looking to join ICOs as part of their own research and due diligence” adds Alex.

Every project listed in Coinschedule is automatically scored by the algorithm and the teams behind each ICO project have the option to offer more information such as verifying the ID of all team members, sending documentation and even do going through video interviews to prove their identities and commitment to the ICO project.

Alex adds that “Crucially, we are not trying to predict the success of the ICO project, we are simply providing unique and invaluable information to our users to help them make informed decisions about the risk of each ICO project being illegitimate”.

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Coinschedule is a crypto portal launched in 2016 based in Oxford, UK. The portal offers information and insights about ICOs, Token Sales, Crypto Projects, Crypto Conferences as well as News and Articles around this space. The company’s goal is to help make cryptocurrencies and ICOs safe and easy to use.



ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) are a way for companies to raise funds by crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies in exchange for blockchain tokens. ICOs became extremely popular from early 2017, with the reported funds raised topping that of early stage VC.

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