Content Marketing, the Next Industry-Transforming Driver, to be Showcased in Content Marketing World USA, the World’s Largest Marketing Conference

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Content Marketing World USA

The Content Marketing Institute, the world’s largest provider of content marketing knowledge, education, and events, is broadening content marketing’s horizon.

SEOUL, South Korea April 27, 2018

Shifts in the media environment and advances in marketing techniques continuously make us question existing marketing theories and the benefits of those marketing methodologies. Against this backdrop, content marketing methodology is currently spreading from the US, which is expected to dramatically boost efficiency in marketing operations.

In traditional marketing, content was intended to achieve reach and frequency by adding channels and inputting costs in order to raise awareness of a business’ products and services. Contrary to the traditional marketing, content marketing produces content that is engaging and meaningful, creating stories that both existing and potential customers can relate to. In this new business model, driven by content marketing, such content is delivered via multiple media channels, including Owned Media or in-house media, building a community loyal to the brand, and generating profits based on customer trust.

The Content Marketing Institute (hereinafter “CMI”), the world’s largest provider of content marketing knowledge, education, and events, is broadening content marketing’s horizon in a range of events from the Content Marketing World (hereinafter “CM World”), annual event which has been held in Cleveland, Ohio since 2010, to the Intelligent Content Conference, (hereinafter “ICC”) in Las Vegas along with Master Classes in 8 US cities.

In 2017, the world’s largest content marketing conference hosted by the CMI, CM World, brought together 400 or so industry leaders and staffs in the marketing field from around 50 countries that included chief marketing officers, chief marketing directors, digital marketing managers, and more. On top of that, 550 or so leading global companies in their respective industries joined the conference as well—GE, Adobe, Amazon, 3M, Deloitte, IBM, to name a few.

In the previous conference, GE’s Chief Marketing Officer, Linda Boff, big-name actor, writer, and producer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, US movie director and globally renowned YouTube content producer, Casey Neistat, and about 260 content marketing leaders in their respective fields shared insights into content marketing through 123+ keynotes, sessions and networking events. CM World 2018 is coming up in September for 4 days from 4th to 7th in Cleveland, US. The number of participants has been growing by 20~30% annually, which is expected to hit 5,000-mark in 2018.

The World’s leading content marketing platform CMI also plans to host the Content Marketing Asia Forum—the Asian equivalent of CM World, the largest global content marketing conference—in June, in Seoul.

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