Contributions From Franck Cohen: A New Addition To The SciDex Team

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GENEVA, April 30, 2018 – SciDex's effort to open up the market for scientific data has been bolstered by Franck Cohen's decision to join the company. As an electrical engineer and the President of Digital Core and Industry Solutions at SAP, Cohen understands the limits of the current scientific data market, as well as how to encourage the adoption of new technologies. This puts him in the perfect position to advise SciDex.

SciDex uses blockchain and AI technology to enhance the market for scientific data, which is currently dominated by large institutions. It designs smart contracts to facilitate the exchange of data, a cryptocurrency to compensate those who contribute data, and an intelligent search engine that can sort through this data. Through these and other tools, it's making it easier for researchers and professionals to access critical scientific knowledge.

From his work at SAP, Cohen understands how to spread advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), that will be important pieces in the SciDex ecosystem. As an engineer himself, Franck knows just how important the platform's work is. He is volunteering his services without compensation, confident that the work he does will benefit him, his colleagues, and all humanity.

SciDex Solutions

Because scientific data is so hard to collect and organize, a small group of institutions control access to it. SciDex breaks their dominance through:

  • Smart Contracts– Smart, or self-enforcing, contracts follow blockchain institutions to enact themselves. These contracts make it easier for researchers and professionals to buy and sell data outside of large institutions.
  • Cryptocurrencies– SciDex has created a secure cryptocurrency, which it offers to everyone who contributes to the platform. This gives scientists and professionals of all stripes a strong incentive to promote and enhance the platform.
  • AI– Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, SciDex is developing a search engine that recognizes human speech. This helps users sort through even the largest loads of data.

SciDex isn't just aiding scientists and professionals; it's accelerating human progress! By helping researchers, engineers, and doctors get the data they need, the platform makes it easier for them to develop and use new technology. In this way, it has the potential to save lives, solve intractable problems, and bring humanity to new heights.

Cohen's Contributions

As an electrical engineer, Franck Cohen knows exactly how the scientific data market's limitations hamper human progress. He is thus lending his services to SciDex free of charge. He strongly believes in the platform's efforts, and wants it to succeed as quickly as possible.

Cohen's experience as an engineer will help him convince scientists and scientific professionals to use the platform. Meanwhile, his background at SAP will give him insight into how SciDex can spread its new technology effectively. As SAP's President of Digital Core & Industry Solutions, Cohen saw firsthand how individuals and companies in emerging markets adopted advanced tech. With this knowledge, he and SciDex can help all potential users to understand and use the platform's cutting-edge technology as effectively as possible.

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