Converge Announces Launch of Company that Enables Leading Edge Product Development Environment by Leveraging the Cloud

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Converge Team at SOLIDWORKS World

Converge Team at SOLIDWORKS World in the Product Showcase Area.

Empowering product development is our focus.The best way to explain Converge is to hear from one of our customers, Clear Automation.

Los Angeles, California February 06, 2018

Today Converge formally announces they are open for business while attending SOLIDWORKS World 2018. Converge provides services and products that enable an ideal product development environment for increased productivity and reduced costs. Converge offers the complete line of SOLIDWORKS solutions and an extensive set of value-added products and services based on cloud computing.

Cloud computing offers a new way for engineering and manufacturing companies to develop products, allowing them to focus on design instead of IT infrastructure. Converge embraces the cloud, while also understanding there is a place for on-premise computing. Converge combines SOLIDWORKS products with a host of other services and solutions providing a menu of options for optimizing a company’s product development environment. The solution set empowers remote workers, enables seamless collaboration, provides on-demand scaling, removes IT admin burdens, and eliminates the need for technology refreshes. The complete solution creates a powerful product development environment that will save money and help achieve better business outcomes. Converge is a new company, built on the shoulders of three existing companies: SolidBox (hardware), EpiGrid (cloud services) and Edge Innovative Solutions (engineering/design services). Each of these companies are certified SOLIDWORKS partners, and they have a proven record of delivering solutions to thousands of engineering and manufacturing companies.

“Empowering product development is our focus,� said Chris Castle, CEO of Converge. “The best way to explain Converge is to hear from one of our customers, Clear Automation.“

CUSTOMER: Clear Automation, a leading robotic systems integrator specializing in flexible industrial automation techniques.

Clear Automation, had the following business and technical needs for their product development environment:

  • Seamless remote work for stakeholders
  • Reliable and secure IT infrastructure managed by someone else
  • On-demand engineering resources to supplement in-house development
  • Reduce IT costs including admin, server and workstation refreshes

“Our capability to deliver innovative and custom designs to our customers is the key to our success, not IT,� said Franco DeBlasio, CEO of Clear Automation. “I found we were spending too much effort, time and money managing our IT infrastructure, and still it was not flexible enough to meet my business needs and was zero value-add. So, I began my search for a new and different alternative. My search lead me first to EpiGrid, who then engaged SolidBox and Edge. By using products and solutions from all three of these companies, I was able to address all of my needs. I am very glad that Converge has been formed and I am happy to report that I am one of their first customers.�

Three Pillars of Converge
Three companies have joined together to form Converge.

“EpiGrid has been putting users in the cloud for years with virtual engineering workstations connected to PDM,� said Chad Garrish, CEO, and founder of EpiGrid, and Converge COO. “We enable people to work from anywhere, on just about any device. We manage all of their IT and just make it work. And different than on-premise, we can reconfigure on demand including GPUs and processing cores.�

“SolidBox sells and manages on-premise workstations and servers for mechanical design and engineering. We are Dell’s largest mechanical engineering workstation reseller,� said Joel Sears, CEO of SolidBox. “For the foreseeable future, on-premise computing will be part of the computing mix, and for many companies, a hybrid approach of on-premise and cloud will be the best fit. With SolidBox as a delivery partner, we will be able to deliver the best combination of computing power for a customer.�

Edge Innovative Solutions
“Edge Innovative Solutions provides design and engineering services,� said Chad Garrish, CEO, and founder of Edge. “We have found that companies need to supplement their in-house engineering staff often. Sometimes we free up time of their critical resources. Other times we provide expertise our customers do not have in-house. Either way, we are ready to provide these services on-demand.

Converge Offers a New SOLIDWORKS Reseller Experience with a Focus on Services. The Converge mission is to work with customers to deploy the most ideal product development environment available.

Work Different in order to Work Better. Converge offers the following products and services:

  • SOLIDWORKS Sales and Support: SOLIDWORKS experts with real-world experience.
  • Engineering Workstations, Virtual and On-Premise: Cloud-computing VDIs for SOLIDWORKS; scale users, scale capabilities, access from anywhere. We are also Dell’s largest MCAD workstation reseller. We do a hybrid approach, cloud and on-premise, and we will work with you to determine the right strategy.
  • PDM Implementation & CAD/PDM Administration: Proprietary implementation methodology provides engineering best practices and workflows in as little as a week, with immediate return on investment. Professional remote management services, both IT and application-specific, across the entire SOLIDWORKS product line.
  • Design & Engineering Services: A pool of licensed Professional Engineers and certified SOLIDWORKS Experts & Professionals employ practical, real-world experience from the trenches to augment customer projects on demand.
  • Training: Our approach is unique. We deliver virtual, live SOLIDWORKS training with your models and PDM environment

Visit Us at SOLIDWORKS World
See us in the Product Showcase where we are showing off a camper, mountain bike and motorcycle all designed in SOLIDWORKS.

ABOUT Converge
We are a SOLIDWORKS Value-Added reseller, and through our partners, we deliver Certified SOLIDWORKS solutions across all industries. We wrap SOLIDWORKS products with a host of other services and solutions that provide a menu of options for optimizing your product development environment. Our solution set will empower remote workers, enable seamless collaboration, provide on-demand scaling, remove IT admin burdens, and eliminate the need for technology refreshes; together creating a powerful product development environment that will save you money and help you achieve better business outcomes. Work Different … Work Better – learn more at

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