Council Member Has The Power To Stop Homeless Housing Projects

There are tens of thousands of people who are homeless in Los Angeles. The lawmakers of the city are urging the city administration to carry out with the homeless housing projects.

The lawmakers have taken a vow to build thousands of housing units for the homeless people with the help of support services. They have even come out with a new law that would make it easier for getting the approval for building the houses for the homeless.

The City Council members are not on the same page as the lawmakers. They are looking to halt many of these housing projects as they have their power on it.

In order for the project to get the necessary funding from the housing department, it should have a letter of acknowledgment from the local Council member. If this letter is withheld by the Council member, then the project will have to be abruptly stopped.

The housing department in February had turned down the funding of two proposed projects because of the lack of the acknowledgment letter from the Council member.

The lawmakers feel that this requirement is totally outrageous. There are pure politics behind this. The city staffers say that these letters are meant to make sure that the Council offices know about the agencies that are applying for such projects in their district.

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