Cryptocurrency Real World Solution Allowing Retailers to Accept Payments to Debut This Year – Press Release

By , in PR on . offers the world’s first end-to-end solution by making charging payments to crypto users easier then creating a credit card charge, though a Point-of-Sale mobile app for shops, restaurants and retailers dealing only in fiat currency.

NEW YORK, NY – 06-14-2018 — Almost a decade in the making since the inception of bitcoin and with a market-cap today hovering around half a trillion dollars USD, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain has become common to the tech savvy.  While most people don’t understand how they work, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are now buzzwords and has created thousands of multimillionaires.  

In the last year alone, the cryptocurrency market cap has grown over ten-fold and even taking into consideration “bubble-effects” of hype speculation, the fact remains that since the inception of bitcoin the cryptocurrency market cap is following an exponential growth curve, amounting today to over $150Bn and various expert opinions estimates its future growth in the next 5-10 years in trillions of dollars. Which begs the question: With over $150 billon of cryptocurrency in circulation why can’t we pay for coffee or pizza with crypto?

Enter, a business-to-business-to-consumer crypto-asset exchanger and payment processor, offering the world’s first solution allowing retailers to seamlessly charge and settle cryptocurrency payments in fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP) easier than creating a credit card charge, through a Point-of-Sale mobile app.  Eterbank allows retailers to charge cryptocurrency users for their goods and services through a simple Point-of-Sale mobile application for smartphones and tablets while settling all payments in their desired legal tender currency, thus avoiding any problems connected to cryptocurrency and retail.

Eterbank is bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world through three main components:

  • EterPOS
  • EterWallet
  • EterPay

EterPOS: Eterbank’s Point-of-Sale mobile application and a robust business intelligence solution that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments and acts as a full-fledged business management solution for small, medium and

large scale retailers.

Eterwallet: Eterbanks cryptocurrency wallet and mobile application that allows uses to make payments at participating EterPOS retailers.  Business users who sign up to use the EterPOS system to process payments from their clients/customers and optionally use the POsS as a business management system. Users of the EterWallet mobile application who seeks to purchase goods and services from EterPOS participating merchants.

EterPay (EPAY): The tokens distributed in Eterbank’s Token Sale Event, giving holders monetary value within the network in the form of credit and subsidies for purchases

To put it simply: consumers can pay for coffee, pizza or jeans with crypto. “We envision a nearby future, together with thousands of people in the cryptocommunity where blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets better our everyday life and our two cents in this grand vision is enabling simple purchase for consumers and charging for business with this amazing new technology,” says Alex Mihaljcic, vice president of product development for

The idea behind Eterbank was conceived in late 2016 out of the founders’ amazement with the fact that there is no efficient way to use bitcoins and altcoins for their intended purpose, as currency, without long-lasting exchanges, conversions and hefty ATM or debit card fees.

Eterbank plans to begin piloting their technology with select retailers in the United States and Croatia in September. 

About Alex Mihaljcic

Alex Mihaljcic serves as the VP of Product Development for which is offering the world’s first end-to-end solution for bringing crypto coins into the real world by making charging payments to crypto users easier then creating a credit card charge, though a Point-of-Sale mobile app for shops, restaurants and retailers dealing only in fiat currency. 

Alex is the Former COO at Score Alarm, The largest mobile betting B2B platform SaaS provider

Alex’s career throughout the last 8 years spans across C-level executive positions in Enterprise and B2B mobile solutions. 

Educated in both CS Engineering and Economics his passion and focus lies in developing fit-to-market mobile products striving for excellence.  Learn more about Alex and Eterbank at

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