Demand for Diamond investment intensifies Diamond Blockchain by Six Linx Technology unveils a new dimension for the diamond industry.

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CHICAGO – 09-11-2018 ( — Due to its rarity and alluring semblance, diamonds have become a very popular investment choice in recent years. Diamonds own high profitability and are safe and reliable investments which are able withstand inflation and currency fluctuations.

Diamonds are undeniably the king of gemstones! From mining to initial grinding, intricate processing to the eventual sales to consumers, there are countless of complicated processes. On average, at least 250 tons of ore is needed for one carat of diamond embryo and this carat of diamond embryos needs to be cut and sculpted. After processing, it will only retain less than half of the weight and will then be presented to consumers in its familiar dazzling manner. As such, diamonds are of extreme rarity.Founded in 2007, Six Linx Technology specialize in programming development and system construction. Since its establishment, it has served more than 1,000 large, medium and small enterprises and sole proprietors. In 2014, it began to penetrate into diamond trading. In 2018, Six Linx Technology integrated its blockchain technology and the diamond industry to launch an innovative business model, the Diamond Blockchain (DMC). With elaborate plans to actively expand its global presence, it is expected that this move will create a new wave to the entire diamond industry.The demand for diamonds continues to grow every year, but its reserves are on the verge of exhaustion. Since the first diamond native mine was discovered in Kimberley, South Africa more than 100 years ago, many of the world’s famous diamond veins have been extensively mined, and some veins are even on the verge of exhaustion. In addition, no new diamonds veins have not been found in the past 20 years, leading to a decline in diamond production globally. According to the well-known market research company -Frost & Sullivan, the supply of diamonds will be short of 41 million carats in 2022. If no new veins are discovered to replenish supply, diamond resources are likely to end after 40 years.De Beers, the world’s largest diamond supplier, also mentioned that the Botswana mine owned by the group will be discontinued in 2030. Global management consultancy- Bain & Company predicts that although diamond production is still sufficient in Russia or Namibia, the supply of loose diamonds around the world will decline by at least 2% year by year till 2030, which indicates that the price of diamonds will continue to rise.Looking back at the diamond industry in the past 100 years, diamonds have been steadily increasing at an average annual rate of 10%; with the global demand for diamond jewelry hitting new highs, and the supply of diamonds entering a stagnation stage in the next five years with output falling sharply in 2020, the price of diamonds is bound to set off to a new peak.With the increase in awareness on investment, more and more people are optimistic about the investment value of diamonds. As the only precious gemstone in the world that is clearly defined by the global standards, diamonds are denominated in US dollars. Even in the context of the depreciation of US dollars, the price of diamonds is still rising unaffectedly, making it a new generation of investment sought by investors. 

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