Democratic Pavilion for the 58th Venice Biennale Call for artists, art lovers, curators, art critics, etc. to participate

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February 06, 2018 – Berlin, Germany: The Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts (ODBK) is very proud to announce the project “The Democratic Pavilionâ€� that will take place in Venice Italy during the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. This represents a protest again the monopolization and centralization of power and the need of real democratic political and economic systems in our society for the fair distribution of the money and power.

The Democratic Pavilion is a selection of artists that will represent the taste and art knowledge in equal proportion of the three most important groups of people who conform the art world: the institution, the artists and the art lovers; the ODBK calls these groups the Art Market Regulation Commision (AMARC).

Now the ODBK is launching two calls:

A “Call for artistsâ€� to apply in the Democratic Pavilion project having the opportunity to show their work, being selected by the AMARC.”

A “Call for all art world active participants� such as art lovers, artists, curators, art critics, gallery owners, museum directors, etc. to become part of the selection process of the artists that will integrate the Democratic Pavilion. This selection process is a methodology created by the artist DHAdmann called “Pure Taste Indicator� based on the alternative economy theory created by Michael Alberts, PARECON and e-democracy.

The deadline to apply is the 30th of April 2018. More information of how to take part in this project at


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