Doctors IPA launches to save private practitioners money on goods and services

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– 12-13-2018 ( — Houston, Texas  With the costs of operating a medical practice on the rise, a new group has formed to provide physicians, dentists and all other doctors access to preferential rates and pricing on vital services for their businesses and home lives.

Doctors IPA is an independent provider association that provides its members significant savings on healthcare insurance, property and casualty insurance products, payroll processing services, mortgages, personal and business loans, life and disability insurance, annuities and credit card processing services. New service providers will be added every year.

Established by doctors for doctors, the aggregation of the Doctors IPA network creates considerable discounts that the group negotiates on behalf of its members. The average doctor who becomes a member of the IPA can save $2,000 a year in payroll services, more than $5,000 in malpractice, home and auto insurance, and $2,500 a year in credit card processing fees. In fact, some members of the group have saved more than $96,000 a year in taxes and property and casualty insurance.

With the annual membership fee costing just $1,500, private practitioners can save big on the goods and services they need. Doctors IPA negotiates meaningful group discounts so its members can focus on what matters most: caring for patients. 

All vendors providing goods and services to the group are carefully selected for exceptional reputation, quality of services and their commitment to provide Doctors IPA members the maximum discounts possible. They have all agreed to treat our IPA and members as a 5,000 plus employee organization, providing prices that only the top 5% of US organizations can achieve.

Vendors can provide members between 8% and 30% savings on fully funded or level-funded healthcare, dental and vision insurance for each practice. Our property and casualty insurance brokers can save members between 15% and 25% on personal policies like homeowners, auto, collector items, secondary homes, boats and aircrafts, and malpractice insurance, property and casualty, business interruption, workers comp and cyber security on your business policies. Members can save up to 40%, and Doctors IPA’s lending partners provide mortgages and other loans at significant discounts over market prices.

Our voluntary employees’ beneficiary association (VEBA) and other employee benefit programs allow Doctors IPA members to use triple-tax-free dollars to pay for annuities, life and disability premiums. This saves our members tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every year and helps private practitioners put significant money away for retirement.

Doctors IPA was founded by Dr. Satish Iduru, a private practice gastroenterologist in Houston, Texas. 


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