Drip Club’s Candy POP! line wins ‘Best Mint/Menthol’ at West Coast Vape Expo

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“With Candy POP! we really wanted a line that takes traditional flavors like menthol or grape and does something a bit different – something recognizable”

LOS ANGELES April 26, 2018

The Drip Club’s Candy POP! line of e-juice flavors has been named winner of the ‘Best Mint/Menthol’ category at West Coast Vape Expo in Pasco, Washington. ‘Sweet Mint Gum’ Candy POP! isn’t just another menthol flavor – it combines mint and candy to create a unique, realistic spearmint gum taste.

Candy POP! is a twist on iconic sweets and confections, taking recognizable flavor profiles and making them fresh. Our objective with Candy POP! was to create amazing value juices that ‘speak for themselves’ – we use real quotes from real customers to describe the flavors on our marketing materials.

There are five flavors on offer and all juices come as 100ml in a 120ml capacity short-fill style bottle:

  • Grape Chew Candy – a combination of soft, chewy candy and grape juice
  • Peach Gummies – fresh peaches with a gummy candy base
  • Sweet Mint Gum – a sweet, refreshing spearmint chewing-gum
  • Blue Raspberry Hard Candy – full-flavored raspberry with hard candy
  • Strawberry Watermelon Hard Candy – refreshing strawberry and watermelon with a hard-candy base

“We are very proud to have won ‘Best Mint/Menthol’ at West Coast Vape Expo – winning this award makes all the hard work seem worthwhile!”, says Quinten Thompson, Director of Product Development.

“With Candy POP! we really wanted a line that takes traditional flavors like menthol or grape and does something a bit different – something recognizable.”

For more information about Candy POP!, The Drip Club or any brands mentioned, please contact Quinten Thompson – Director of Product Development via [email protected]

About West Coast Vape Expo 2017

The 2017 West Coast Vape Convention took place between the 9th and 10th of December at the TRAC Center in Pasco, Washington, and was attended by over 100 vendors. Further information on West Coast Vape Convention, can be found at http://www.westcoastvapeexpo.com. Other award categories included ‘Best Candy’, ‘Best Tobacco’, ‘Best Fruit’ and ‘Best in Show’.

About The Drip Club

The Drip Club is a consumer products company engaged in the development of innovative vaping products and brands. Since 2014, the L.A.-based company has been the purveyor of iconic brands such as the Milkman, ANML, and Modus. With a focus on quality and safety, the company strives to create products that resonate with consumers with the ultimate goal of one day inhabiting a cigarette-free planet. Its products include Milkman Heritage, that redefines tobacco flavors by providing tobacco enthusiasts an introduction to sweet dessert flavors and Candy Pop! a breakthrough offering in the candy category. Both products have won awards at the Vape Showcase in Dallas, TX (Heritage) and West Coast Vape Expo in Pasco, WA (Candy Pop!). The Drip Club also leads the industry in providing 1st generation Nicotine Salts in the form of CRFT Salts and Milkman Salts, all higher nicotine concentrations, for low-powered, convenience-centered devices.

Find out more about The Drip Club on our website, by following us on Instagram @DripClub, or on LinkedIn.

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