Drone Camp Teaches Kids How to Build and Fly Drones

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 05-24-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Drones aren’t just for taking aerial photos and videos. They’re now being used to help kids learn about science and technology.

Students in Minnesota participated in a drone camp that taught them all about the complex flying machines. KING TeC, which stands for Kids Integrating Newly Grasped Technological and engineering Concepts, hosted last year’s camp and will be holding another one this June. Those attending drone camp learn the necessary steps to build and fly a drone.

Last year’s camp was featured on a video series on AirVuz.com. The series finale showcased the competition at the end of the camp, where campers flew their drones through an obstacle course.

“I’ve been around technology all my life and I just like to work with this stuff,” said camper Cole P. “It’s really fun.”

Campers also learned how to solder in order to build their drones, and also tested their flying skills on a flight simulator before piloting the actual drones.

“It’s hard to do this. It’s really hard,” said camper Travis. “Just the controlling it, how fast it goes forward… Practice makes perfect.”

KING TeC is a FIRST Robotics Competition team in the state of Minnesota. Founded in 2006, the group aims to promote STEM education by building robots and other technology such as drones.

Each episode of the series on AirVuz focused on a different aspect of drone camp, beginning with the building of the drones and culminating in the final competition at Prior Lake High School. The 7th through 9th grade students worked in a total of six teams to complete various tasks throughout the building of their drones. They also learned about the Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations regarding drone flights.

Drone camp begins again in June. Details can be found here.

For more information about the “Drone Camp” video series, contact Tyler Mason, Director of Public Relations, at [email protected].

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