E-Commerce PR Distribution Services Can Have a Longstanding Impact on Building a Strong Public Relations Network

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Press release distribution is an effective digital marketing tool that is often used by E-commerce store owners. The E-commerce industry depends on the website traffic in order to generate sales and press release distribution can provide a great conversion rate and help to generate more traffic.

The press release can be an announcement of a new startup, product, service, an offer or maybe even about current affairs to keep the general audience updated. The writing of the press release should be in a way that effectively communicates the message and specific keywords need to be used that will aid to gain SEO rankings.  

Here are two articles that will help to utilize the power of keywords for getting increased search engine visibility and to generate healthy traffic.

Get People to Visit and Purchase with an E-commerce Press Release”, is another piece of writing published by PRDistribution.com.

There are several companies that offer cheap pr distribution services. However, only a few companies can actually provide a high ROI(return on investment).

PRDistribution.com is a global press release distribution provider that is relentlessly working on helping their customers to get better exposure. The Hook Agency name PRDistribution.com as “The Best SEO Tools of 2017”, and the company is still carrying that legacy now in 2019.

For E-Commerce and any other businesses, PRDistribution.com offers three different pr distribution plans that cost between $69-$299 that covers distribution from 250 to over 400 media outlets. The mid-range Premium Pro PR Distribution plan guarantees distribution to over 375 media outlets, that include top-tier networks like CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC at only $129. Every press release gets placement in the PRDIstribution.com news sections, the inclusion of Google, Yahoo and Bing for increased search engine visibility. Within 72 business hours, a comprehensive distribution report gets emailed to the customer.

The Concierge PRCopywriting can craft a press release within a short 2-3 business days turnaround, offers unlimited revision and Press Release SEO Audit at only $99. Moreover, for a regular exposure, it’s recommended to subscribe for Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions that enables a customer to get up to 50% discounts on the pr distribution plans.

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