E-Commerce Press Release Distribution: Savings on Monthly Marketing Budget Using PRDistribution.com

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E-Commerce business owners use digital marketing for the expansion of their network, to generate traffic and having more conversion rates. They usually use different modes of digital marketing, however, the most effective mass outreach in the shortest time is possible through press release distribution services.

The leading global press release distribution service, PRDistribution.com has recently introduced three PR Distribution plans that offer not only distribution but placements into two hundred and more media outlets. For E-Commerce and small business owners, PRDistribuion.com has subscription plans that can save hundreds of dollars every month on their monthly budget.

Premium, Premium Pro, and the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plans offer guaranteed placements into 35+ to 200+ media outlets at $69, $129, and $299 respectively. All of the PR Distribution plans ensure a permanent placement for a PR in the PRDistribution.com news section. Also, there is the inclusion of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Google News, and Bing News for maximized search engine visibility.

The most cost-effective solution for E-Commerce businesses are the Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions. A Monthly Press Release Subscription can provide up to 50% discounts on your preferred PR Distribution plan. For instance, a Monthly Subscription for 2 and 16 Premium Pro PR Distribution costs $246 ($123 each PR) and $1,040 ($65 each PR).

There has been a floodgate of submissions made after the announcements of the new PR Distribution plans. PRDistribution.com shares the best practices for determining an optimal marketing budget. Fundamentally, this is how all successful businesses set their marketing budgets and this goes against conventional wisdom and against what the U.S. Small Business Administration suggests.

If you’re not sure how to write an effective press release, PR Copywriter service is here with a solution. Professional copywriters of PR Copywriter can deliver a complete press release draft within a quick deadline. For more information about the PR Copywriter service, click here.

Thousands of E-Commerce store owners have used PRDistribution.com and there are many current subscribers as well. If you’re a first-time customer, you can subscribe for a Monthly or an Annual Press Release Subscription for free. Click here, to join.

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