Ear Cuffs are on the Millennial Mother’s Day Wish List

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Hexa 18K Gold Ear Cuff, by Valani

I love the asymmetric ear styling, and an ear cuff adds a sophisticated edge to any outfit. It is an understated modern aesthetic that exudes confidence.

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NEW YORK March 05, 2018

For Mother’s Day, women are looking for the perfectly balanced gift—something enjoyable and practical, yet still luxurious. With jewelry one can’t go wrong, but for chic Millennial mothers, few designs speak to perfection like an ear cuff. Valani, the brand that made a splash with ear cuffs during NYFW Feb 2018, is officially debuting its collection in time for a Mother’s Day treat.

Heena Shah, Creative Director for Valani says, “I love the asymmetric ear styling, and an ear cuff adds a sophisticated edge to any outfit. It is an understated modern aesthetic that exudes confidence. It has been exciting to see such talented people in the fashion, film and tech industry make it their own and wear them from conferences to the red carpet.�

The Hexa Ear Cuff is available in both 18K white and yellow gold. Its hexagon-shape is modern, understated, and ideal for mothers looking for a style that is chic and hassle free. Fitting snuggly onto the ear lobe, no piercing required, Valani’s collection ear cuffs are bold and luxurious. Light and practical, they can be worn from a meeting to a night out with friends and upgrade any outfit, without worrying that children may pull them off easily.

The Vi Ear Cuff is rounded in shape and features diamonds around half of the ear cuffs, available in regular and mini sizes, in 18KT white and yellow gold. Rival ear cuffs add an extravagant upgrade, with not only a half row of diamonds, but two additional pear-shaped diamonds, which comfortably slip on to the helix of the ear. True to Valani’s signature style and roots in mining colored gemstones, Rival is alternatively available with one of the end pear cuts in either ruby or emerald.

For more information, visit http://www.valani.com, call 212-702-9703, or contact Valani through their contact page. For questions regarding this release, contact Olga Gonzalez at [email protected] or call 212-913-9761.

Valani Co-Founder and Creative Director Heena Chheda Shah is the youngest jewelry designer to have won prestigious AGTA Spectrum, Platinum Guild, and Women’s Jewelry Association Awards three years in a row. She has trained at the Gemological Institute of America and has a background in industrial engineering, having worked at Michelin in Lyon, France, Google in San Francisco, and as a consultant in New York City.

Based in New York, Valani sells 18 Karat gold jewelry set with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls sourced directly from mining centers in Brazil, Colombia, Zambia, Mozambique and Japan. Following the traditions of craftsmanship perfected by generations of Italian goldsmiths, the results are masterfully executed pieces that combine a heritage of artistry and striking design.

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