Economic Boycott Of Arizona To Be Lifted By LA

Los Angeles had announced a boycott of Arizona eight years ago. The boycott was to protest a law that was targeted against illegal immigration. The economic boycott of Arizona by Los Angeles will soon be ending. Once this economic boycott ends, Los Angeles residents can buy stuff from the state.

The restrictions were imposed in 2010 and were supported by lawmakers. The main restriction was to stop Los Angeles city employees from visiting the state for business trips. But with city buying cameras, Tasers and other things from the Arizona state, these restrictions were often waived. There was a vote by the LA council on the proposal to end these restrictions and the result of the vote was 10 to 0 in favor of ending restriction.

The main parts of the Arizona law have been eliminated or softened now as per the Senate Bill 1070. Gil Cedillo, the councilman who was looking for revoking this restriction said that it would have been fine for fewer omissions to the city’s ban.

Cedillo said that he had proof that the 8-year-old ban was an effective one. He had Phoenix politicians approaching him all these years to repeal the ban. He said that the LA lawmakers plan to boycott Arizona state products was a successful one.

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