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DENVER, CO – 02-06-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Empowering people with unique needs to inspire others by sharing their stories is at the root of a new partnership forged between Lakewood-based Effective Presentations and the Courageous Faces Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to changing the public’s perception about individuals with intellectual or physical disabilities due to genetics, injuries, traumatic events, illness or other causes.

Effective Presentations is a public speaking and presentation skills training agency that teaches men and women to be fearless, confident speakers inside and outside of the workplace. The company delivers its programs through live workshops around the country and via online virtual training.In late December 2017, Effective Presentations and the Courageous Faces Foundation’s Just Ask Institute held their first workshop, where 16 individuals spent two days learning valuable presentation skills they can apply when they’re invited to share their stories at events, conferences, and with the media.There are currently 22 “faces” of the Courageous Faces Foundation, some of whom have experience with public speaking. For many, though, the workshop was a way to improve their skills so they could feel more comfortable speaking in front of a group, Courageous Faces Foundation President and CEO Trish Morris said.Morris met Effective Presentations Mike Fruciano by chance at an event in 2017. When she realized what his company did, she asked if he’d be interested in partnering with the Just Ask Institute, a group of speakers frequently called on to share their stories about living with a disability.“He said whatever you need, I’m in,” Morris said, adding she couldn’t have asked for a better company to connect with.“Effective Presentations was just phenomenal to work with,” she said. “For the people who would like to be more comfortable talking, it was very empowering. Reggie, who is one of our faces and speaks quite often, he was surprised. He didn’t think it would be as good as it was!”Fruciano said the workshop was every bit as rewarding for him and his team of trainers.“The people we met at the Just Ask Institute workshop were so amazing, so inspiring,” he said. “They’ve faced so much adversity and prejudice in their lives, but they are so positive and uplifting. Every one of them did an amazing job and we had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next workshop and meeting even more faces.”Founded in 2014, the Courageous Faces Foundation is a quality-of-life organization that helps people with rare or extreme medical conditions and their families to live their best lives. The agency helps people all over the world to empower and improve their daily lives by giving them the things they need to thrive.Above all, the organization is dedicated to creating a world where all people, from all walks, with all conditions are seen as a person first, and to enrich and empower the lives of each of them by celebrating their uniqueness.For more information, contact:Mike Fruciano                                   Trish MorrisEffective Presentations                    Courageous Faces Foundation303-278-1265                                   303-350-4702

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